High security?

What does that actually mean? To you or the person installing security products for you?

If you come to an approved Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) company like HalesLocks Ltd the customer doesn’t have to worry.

Our job as professionals is to make sure the customer gets exactly what they require with the correct advice.

We don’t sell our customers products off the back of clever advertising, we actually know the products we recommend inside & out!

We keep up with the standards and continue to collect full CPD points from our association with the MLA.

Here our customer needed a new safe. After a discussion we understood they needed a Grade 2 safe, with a key lock to meet their requirements.

We chose to recommend this Burton Security high grade 2 safe, it was supplied and fitted within a couple of days of the order in Farnborough Kent. Meeting the full insurance requirements.

Looking for a real professional that has been in business over 30 years? Or looking for a business that’s been going a very short period with little experience or knowledge base but a great lock swapper after going on a coupe of basic day courses?

Paying for flashy websites and SEO doesn’t give a business real accreditation.

Do your background research first before employing a real Locksmith in the Sidcup & Kent areas. Saving a few pounds on cheap undercutting tactics will cost you more in the longer run, can you really afford not to?

Looking for a professional locksmith? Go to www.locksmiths.co.uk the ONLY UK dedicated association to locksmiths where our members must prove they are competent by passing an exam, not hearsay.

You’ll find HalesLock right here, we are not associated with third party organisations with low expectations that are only looking for paid income.

Proud to be MLA.

Don’t chance it, HalesLock it.

Master Locksmiths in the South East. Covering Blackheath, Greenwich, Bexley, Chislehurst, Sidcup & all surrounding areas.


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