Do you take care of the safe you use every single day?

Just like any mechanical item with moving parts safes need to be cared for or serviced.

If something feels different when you are using it, or you are having trouble using it stop and call a professional.

This customer was having a particular issue with this Burg Wätcher safe, sometimes it’s a simple battery replacement, sometimes it’s something else.

Instead of getting it looked at while it was in the unlocked state the customer forced it closed then guess what? It wouldn’t open again.

HalesLocks Ltd were called out, and we got the safe open without damage, though forcing it meant that parts needed replacing inside.

Don’t use the ‘force’ use a professional locksmith who can keep your business working and your cash deposits safe.

HalesLocks are a Licensed Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) approved company, don’t chance it. HalesLock it.

Master Locksmiths in Sidcup, Kent.

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