An extremely unusual call out yesterday by a customer that believed that their locks had been compromised with no damage. It’s also worth pointing out if you moved into a new home always change the locks as you have no idea who has keys (Another potential issue here)

We really don’t see this often, we advised that they may have left them unlocked accidentally but they insisted not.

Anyhow the second line of security (The Alarm system) stopped the thieves from hanging around.

Always build lines of defence with your security plans.

They wanted 3 Star Locks, I explained that the very best also have Sold Secure diamond accreditation.

So the customer opted for Brisant-Secure’s Ultion WXM on all 4 rear doors. We also did some door maintenance with the Lock changes to make everything super smooth.

This customer is now extremely secure and feels much safer.

Don’t chance it, HalesLock it.

Master Locksmiths in Sidcup, Bexley, Kent.

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