Security can be defined by many levels.

Mainy we look at security with deterrent, and defense in mind.

One of the best forms of deterrent for U.K homes can be a security alarm system.

These systems are a very visual deterrent to criminals, and is your immediate layer when criminals are ‘eyeing’ up a property.

HalesLocks offers high grade professional graded alarm systems like this Pyronix fully wireless V11 system.

This new system comes as a ‘kit’ that is bundled with micro shock sensors, ideal for families with pets, or who would like to fully set the system with perimeter protection while having the freedom to freely move around inside. Peace of mind, feeling safe and secure at all times.

These devices are all about prevention, keeping you secure before a criminal can even gain access. While active they are monitoring their surroundings looking for someone attacking the locking systems with vibrations.

Adding a keypad on another floor, key fobs, and the use of the App means you have full control whenever you need it.

Looking for a professional alarm installation? You’ve found the right place.

We are licensed members of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) (No.003842) giving you the reassurance we are a professionally qualified company.

There are many cheap imitations, that can just pay for a badge or listing. Don’t ever accept second best.

Don’t chance it, HalesLock it.

Master Locksmiths and security experts in Sidcup, Kent.

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