Security is an investment. Not many understand this until they know that investment was a wise one.

I had a customer that contacted me after their vehicle was attacked and they lost thousands in tools. An awful experience to go though.

I was called out to install a repair plate over the damage and high security hook locks from Locks 4 Vans LTD.

6 months later the same customer called again, working in a local hospital they had to leave their vehicle in the car park and it was attacked again 😞.

Only this time the security precautions they had taken saved all the equipment that was stored in the load area from theft. The thieves didn’t get in.

They called me to see if there was any solution I could offer.

The highly experienced engineers at L4V have solutions for most of these attacks, so had XL protection repair plates on the shelf.

So from the time of the call to me, to the time of the repair was hours, not days. No downtime in this customers working day visiting body shops, and the vehicle is still extremely secure and resistant to further attack. Although the customer obviously wasn’t happy with the criminals, they were extremely happy and grateful to HalesLocks Ltd and Locks 4 Vans LTD for getting them secured again so quickly.

Don’t chance it, HalesLock it.

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